Copenhagen, Denmark / 2001

Interior Design

Restaurant Design for Supergeil

A vibrant concept café with curvy and voluptuous bright orange walls which provide a modern setting and cosy feel. Applying a holistic design approach the space evokes all senses. From the interior layout to the food, drinks and music; everything has been given special attention.

project overview

Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Year 2001
Client Supergeil
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Design Team Linda Korndal
Services Restaurant Design / Interior Design / Branding
Materials Fabric, foam, wood

design concept

SUPERGEIL is the place to go when you lust for a  luxurious café experience. The curvy and voluptuous walls held in a  warm orange give the modern setting a cozy feel. The wall elements provide the right acoustic softness as well as being a significant visual element. Below, the bathroom vibrates with color and the curvy shapes guides you along the way. 

We included all senses and dimensions in his holistic design approach; from the interior layout – to food, drinks and music – everything has been given special attention.