Herning, Denmark / 2014


Retail Design for B&O's Nexus Flagship Store

A building uniquely created around the new Bang & Olufsen store design, Nexus was named after the Latin word for “unity”. It is the first Bang & Olufsen store to utilise the holistic nature of the company's new retail concept; integrating architectural design, store design and products under one roof.

project overview

Location Herning, Denmark
Client Kenneth Koed Lauritzen, Bang & Olufsen
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Senior Architect /
Project Leader
Matthias Kisch
Materials Exterior: Brass, led lights, glass
Interior: Leather, wood, concrete, fabric and brass
Services Facade Design, Integration of Retail Concept, Furniture Design
Additional Credits Arkitect A/S
Related Projects Bang & Olufsen Global Retail Store Concept,
B&O PLAY Shop-in-Shop Concept


A truly unique opportunity arose when a new Bang & Olufsen store was to be built in the town square of Herning, Denmark. The vision was to create a holistically integrated building that gives the city a new landmark and fulfils Bang & Olufsen’s desire to provide its customers with extraordinary experiences.

We designed the architectural façade of the building and fitted the interior with the retail store design that we created for Bang & Olufsen (read more here). This makes it the first Bang & Olufsen building in the world that is constructed specifically to utilise the full potential of the global retail concept.

It is rare to experience a construction project where everything neatly combines to create an integrated whole.
— Tue Mantoni, CEO Bang & Olufsen

design focus

The building was designed in accordance with the shapes and lines in the surrounding environment of the town square. The curved edges and corners provide an organic aesthetic that gives the building a charming and inviting presence. It was additionally inspired by the design of one of B&O Play’s most popular speakers; the Beo Lit 15.

The façade
The exterior materials of the new store were selected to complement the building’s surroundings. The brass enhances the copper details of the nearby church, as well as the reddish-brown tint that exists in the surrounding brick façades of the square.

Living architecture
The nature of the golden façade changes as the sunlight varies, and in the evening the perforated panels are illuminated by LED lights and gives the impression that the building is breathing. We collaborated with local architect Lars Sternberg from Arkitect A/S to create the intricate exterior of the Nexus building.