Copenhagen, Denmark / 1997

Interior Design

NASA Nightclub - Entertainment Design

The private members club NASA was designed as a futuristic ode to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. It is kept in a strictly white colour scheme, with consistently soft, organic shapes. Every detail was designed especially for this club, from the ashtrays to the doors.

project overview

Location Copenhagen
Year 1997
Area 515 m2
Creative Director /
Johannes Torpe
Materials Leather, acrylic
Services Nightclub Design, Bar Design, Interior Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Furniture & Product Design

Design Concept

NASA is a futuristic space that is very much inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “A Space Odyssey”. The interior is kept strictly in white with outer space flowing elements and consistently soft, curved and inviting shapes, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity. All the details were designed especially for this club, from the ashtrays to the doors. 

The whole project was heavily inspired by the space age and the name came naturally from being an acronym of “Nice And Safe Attitude”.  The NASA nightclub opened in 1997 and quickly became part of the worldwide network of the “World’s finest clubs”.

Brand touchpoints

The ambition was for NASA to be an exclusive world of its own that both surprised and enclosed guests for a night, seducing them and making them forget about life outside. The staff wore spandex uniforms which drew from Kubrick's Space Odyssey. The glass elevator placed on the outside of the building was hosted by a girl in uniform and took guests from street level to the club on the third floor, mimicking an actual space launch. Upstairs, guests were met by the reception designed with a large, white, organically shaped desk and an enormous aquarium at the back wall. Music was playing in the elevator, video screens were placed in the bathroom mirrors and sounds from space were played in the toilet stalls.