Product Design

Space Enablers - Furniture Design for Haworth

The Space Enabler product family facilitates new and more flexible ways of working. It upgrades and mobilises the traditional office environment by making the conventional designated workspace completely dynamic.

project overview

Year 2011
Client Haworth
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Project Leader Linda Korndal
Design Team Helle Maach, Linda Korndal
Service Office Furniture Design
Material Metal
Apple Store www.apple.com

the product family

The two desks named Eddie and Maria are designed to be mobile, allowing you to drift through the office space and work where you are most effective. The simple design provides easy height adjustment, a tiltable work surface and rotating mechanisms for easy storage. The smooth surface of the tabletop is perfect for both writing and mouse movement. The products can be used individually or combined.

The Space Enabler product family also includes the “soft shelter”; a configurable solution that can be moved around, shaped and re-shaped, facilitating various degrees of privacy and comfort (see product here).

Both desks come in five different colours. Three additional wood veneer choices are possible for the larger Eddie table. See the different options in Haworth’s catalogue here.

The desks are made from 100% recyclable materials.

technical specifications

Maria has the following dimensions:
Table surface: 590x370 mm
Maximum height: 870 mm
Minimum height: 600 mm
Adjustment range: 270 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Maximum load weight: 10 kg

Eddie has the following dimensions:
Table surface: 950x520 mm
Maximum height: 1020 mm
Minimum height: 650 mm
Adjustment range: 370 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Maximum load weight: 35 kg

Haworth Space Enablers take the traditional office environment into the new millennium by facilitating new and more flexible ways of working, upgrading and mobilising the office environment.
— Johannes Torpe

design features

  • Simple design allows for easy adjustment

  • Simple, quick-release height adjustment

  • Smooth finish for writing or mouse movement

  • Stable laptop surface

  • Asymmetric single leg design allows for a comfortable sitting position for both women and men

  • Table surface rotates for efficient storage

  • Convenient personal bag holder to keep your valuables close at hand

My Table for Mac
The all white variation of the Maria table was named “My Table” and launched in conjunction with Apple and is available across Europe from the Apple store (see product here).