Furniture Design

Mormor Sofa

The “Mormor Sofa” was designed for Interior Company HAY in 2006. The creation originated from the fascination of building a sofa without a framework inside – only based on the potential of the foam.
The Mormor couch was designed for Danish furniture company HAY in 2006.

Project overview

Year 2006
Client Hay
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Services Furniture design
Materials Foam, Polystyrene, Fabric, Leather
Awards Danish Design Award 2007

design concept

With its monolithic design and sculptural lightness MORMOR is not only a furniture but a visually interesting object you can also sit on. The stitching detail on the back allows you to place the sofa in free space breaking with some of the conventions in classic sofa design. The sofa fits three people and only weighs a surprisingly 26 kilos.

Breaking down conventions, innovative production method, provocative and funky design, a visual and sculptural piece of furniture – a good candidate for breaking new grounds in Danish furniture design.
— Jury, Danish Design Award
Sketch of mormor sofa explaining the design concept of the sofa developed for HAY
Sketch about the front of mormor sofa designed by Johannes Torpe Studios