The Red Mountain Resort recognized with first price in the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018


We are so happy to report that The Red Mountain Resort has won the first award in the Hospitality (Concept) category at the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018.


The Red Mountain Resort is a spa and wellness retreat that offers guests a sensory escape into the breath-taking Icelandic nature and simultaneously invites them to embark on a journey of self-discovery. The journey is facilitated by an architectural concept that explores the interplay between nature and architecture, and their combined capacity to provide the necessary triggers for an inward journey. The design hence exposes the guest to nature in various ways by blurring the line between outside and inside. 


The overall inspiration is found in the rich heritage of Icelandic Folktales and the otherworldly and magical atmosphere present in the landscape and particularly in traditional Icelandic turf houses and the local saga about Barður Snæfellsás. Barður is said to have left the chaotic world of men behind to live in solitude and the spa experience is a poetic interpretation of his transformational journey.


Divided into three phases the prospect of the project includes a hotel of 150 rooms, 20 bungalows and a center for the creative industries including housing for artists in residence and an installation space. To expand the art experience we propose to establish an art track along the river. By foot the guests will pass five pavilions created by local artists.


You can find the full project description here.

These projects demonstrate how design can make a positive impact on communities around the world. Each geographic place needs architects dedicated to understanding the challenges and opportunities latent in the physical world around them. The best of these designs tapped into this significant understanding of place and transformed the places to better connect, stimulate, and challenge the people around them.
— Sven Shockey, Member of the jury and Vice President & Design Director, SmithGroup
Each winning entry does a fantastic job responding to site constrains, light, climate and culture.
— The Jury