Shanghai, China / 2011

Interior Design

Showroom Design for Skyword Onyx Stone

An old watch factory was transformed into a showroom for onyx figures, tables and furniture that featured the exclusive stone as a visual display element as well as a building material.

project overview

Location Shanghai, China
Year 2011
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Senior Architect /
Project Leader
Mikkel Bøgh
Design Team Matthias Kisch, Allan Madsen
Materials Wood and stone
Services Showroom Design, Interior Design

Design concept

History meets high-end design in a harmonious and sophisticated manner, in this old watch factory in a historical area of Shanghai we transformed into a beautiful high-end showroom.

Skyword Showroom was created as a shop for onyx figures, tables and furniture, as well as an exhibition space to display the ancient stone as a modern building material. The challenge was to facilitate the small accessory items, the large sheets of onyx for construction use and the very exclusive furniture items with price tags well above $100,000, within the same space.

The three-story showroom possesses opulent marble floors and features a conveyor-belt system that elegantly carries huge blocks of the onyx throughout the space as part of a visual display, giving the illusion of lightness to the heavy stone.

A custom light fixture was created in cooperation with San’an Optoelectronics for the Skyword Showroom to illuminate the products and place them in the most optimal light. Additionally, Johannes Torpe Studios custom-designed several pieces of furniture for the showroom, ranging from an exclusive one-off kitchen with an onyx worktop, to luxury tables and desks.