Copenhagen, Denmark / 2011

Interior Design

Store Concept for Lauras Bakery

Laura’s is a chain of gourmet bakeries. The design draws on the nostalgia of grandmother's cakes and bread, integrated with the combination of a modern metropolitan vibe with a minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic.

project overview

Locations Torvehallerne, Copenhagen
Ordrup, Copenhagen
Roskilde, Denmark
Værnedamsvej, Copenhagen
Year 2011
Area From 25 m2 to 75 m2
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Project Leader Mikkel Bøgh
Designer Helle Maach
Architect Matthias Kisch
Design Team Trine Kjær, Rachel Mackay, Suguru Kobayashi
Services Brand Identity, Interior Design, Packaging Design, Store Rollout
Materials Solid oak, concrete, black steel, stainless steel, blackboard and subway tiles

design concept

In many bakeries, the cakes are put on display while the bread lives a silent life on the back wall. We wanted to bring the bread forward, making it the focus of the space and thus the foundation for the design.

Laura’s Bakery produces bread and cakes of the highest quality using classic techniques and only the best ingredients. To communicate the nature of the products, we chose a foundation of bare materials such as solid wood, concrete, steel and subway tiles. Together, the modest and industrial materials create a raw aesthetic that emphasise the raw and natural qualities of the bread. 

Since the opening of the first shop, the concept has expanded across multiple locations, additionally introducing a pizza concept to selected stores, as well as a street food concept with food trucks and ice cream bicycles.

areas of focus

The modular design within the store is made up of three primary elements; the bread display, the cooling display and the concrete counters. Both the bread display and the cooling display were created with a wooden foundation with a black steel and glass display case on top of it. The two elements were pulled out slightly from the concrete counters to emphasise that it is the bread, sandwiches and pastries which are the focus point of the shop. The concrete counters connect the bread and pastry displays and simultaneously act as a sales zone with a built-in cash register.

Visual Identity
The visual identity of Laura’s Bakery was completely conceptualised across all elements of the brand, including interiors, graphics and packaging, which merge together to create one holistic experience of the brand. The earthy tones derived from baked bread which cover the outside of the packaging are complemented by a selection of contrasting colours on the inside. The brand identity is established within the same design family as Agnes Cupcakes (visit project here). 

Bright colours used for the branding concept of Lauras Bakery by Johannes Torpe Studios