Copenhagen, Denmark / 2015


Brand Identity for Gefion Insurance

We were entrusted with the task to visually unite three Danish sister companies to one integrated brand family. The overall goal of the project was to develop a brand identity that reflects the company groups’ vision to bring new approaches to their respective fields whilst relying on traditional values.

project overview

Year 2015
Client Gefion Insurance
Services Concept development, brand identity, art direction
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Senior Designer /
Project Leader
Rachel Mackay
Design Team Mélanie Rouge, Klara Vith

Brand Story

The chosen firm names; Gefion, a goddess in Nordic mythology, and Kraken, a sea monster, served as a starting point for the brand family’s design concept. Representing strength and symbolising Scandinavian heritage, Gefion is said to have created the Danish island of Zealand. Using her magic powers, she transformed her sons into oxen ploughed the land. The legend of Kraken describes a giant octopus-like creature that was both feared and respected by Nordic fishermen. Both mythological stories represent powerful mediators of strong, reliable and traditional companies.

The major challenge in the design process lay in turning these legendary creatures into iconic company logos. We had to reinterpret traditional, mystical characters and approach them from a new angle.
— Rachel Mackay, Project Leader and Head of Branding

Design Concept

Detailed, opulent forms were transformed into solid, geometric shapes. Long tentacles became noble curved lines and dramatically swollen muscles transformed into polygons. The choice of colours was reduced to a palette of brass and black to convey the idea of simple luxury and to give a sense of power and stability to the brand. This simplicity and elegance served as a foundation for the clean typography.

The visual identity created for Gefion and Kraken was additionally adapted to the third member of the family, Askerud & Partners. “We chose a minimalistic, sharp design with a plain brass cross for the logo”, explains Mackay.

Based on these identities, we developed a branding package for all three companies, comprised of everything from website design to office stationery, including business cards, signage, letterheads, envelopes and traditional rubber stamps. In the course of creating the brand Gefion and its two sister companies, the studio also designed an office space that merges the functions of a modern work space with the values of simple luxury evoking the sentiment of checking into a five star hotel.