Oslo, Norway / 2015

Interior Design

Chitra Tea House

Drawing on the craftsmanship of European tearooms from the 18th and 19th century and fusing this with influences from traditional Chinese and Japanese teahouses, the concept of Chitra Tea House is designed in the essence of sophistication, elegance and exclusivity.

project overview

Location Oslo, Norway
Year 2015
Client Newby Teas of London
Area 980 m2
Creative Director Johannes Torpe
Design Team Rakel Karlsdóttir, Kit Sand Ottsen, Matthias Kisch, Helle Maach, Sofie Brünner, Elina Bergström, Josephine Malling, Suguru Kobayashi
Services Interior Design concept
Status Built

the chitra tea experience

To provide the most elegant and sophisticated tea experience through core values of quality, pride and passion.

To serve very fine special teas, not available on the retail shelves, in a traditional, ancient and personalised way, which will force the customer to truly feel and taste the sensitivity and character of the brew. This concept has never been deployed in the last 500 years of European tea history.