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The Grand Tour Cookbook

29 May 2013

Art Direction & Graphic Design

The Grand Tour Cookbook is, in it's essence, based on the 'Tour de France' cycling race, which celebrates it's 100th year anniversary this year. The visual development of the book hence required an integration of graphics, which allude to both cycling and cooking. The metaphor of a 'cycle' was chosen as both a literal and conceptual progression of the 21 days the cyclists are on the road. The physical nature of the cycle as well as the 21-day sequential period is represented by the circular bicycle wheel graphic, which gradually builds up along the 21 days.

Inspiration was drawn from the vintage Tour de France posters and the aesthetic style became reminiscent of this distinctive style, with a modern twist. Retro typography combined with modern typefaces and iconic info-graphics were merged with a clean, simple layout, which embraces negative space.

The photographic style of the recipes evokes a rustic aesthetic, with the backgrounds of the photos significantly juxtaposing raw textures from various everyday surfaces. The graphics needed to be bold, clear and clean in order to accentuate the beauty in these textural photographs, and the colours needed to allow the photographs to exist without distraction. It was to be more than just a cookbook. The underlying concept of a progressive journey, a story, was to be tied together by the graphics, which lead the reader successively through the book.

Author - Hannah Grant // Published by Kuboaa

The Grand Tour Cookbook is the ultimate performance-cooking cookbook. It is specialized for cyclists and other various endurance athletes, as well as Tour de France foodies and fans of superior, healthy and wholesome food.

The book’s recipes follow the Grand Tour and are constructed with the ability to customize your own diet. It contains recipes for all tastes and preferences, taking into consideration those with gluten, nut or dairy intolerances.

Hannah Alexandra Grant (1982) is a trained chef on Michelin level who has worked at several top restaurants. She travelled the world as the chef for Offshore Odysseys where she constructed the diet and meals for the world’s best kite surfers, and is now the Chef de Cuisine at Riis Cycling. Working together with the team’s nutritionist she has developed the Performance Cooking concept, setting a new agenda for how cyclists attain their energy for the most challenging cycling race in the world – The Grand Tour.

The book has just been sent off to press and will released to correspond with the Tour de France 2013
so keep your eyes peeled!