"Johannes is fast and omnivorous. A multitasking hero. He is extremely sensitive and able to express himself without words. His graphic idiom is very clean-cut and his three-dimensional perception excellent.”

— Alberto Zontone, former Commercial Director, Moroso


Johannes Torpe’s central message to the world is simple: creativity is for everyone. It is neither confined to disciplines nor industries. And, most of all, it cannot be limited to a certain style or trend.


Striving to spread the word, Johannes gives speeches and workshops at various design conferences, industry events and schools. In his talks, Johannes shares his personal sources for creativity and how these inspirations merge into his design work.

The topics range from his unconventional upbringing over the ups and downs as an entrepreneur and a musician to the time as B&O’s Creative Director. Johannes tells his stories with a good amount of self-irony and humour, always including an abundance of visuals while simultaneously giving people food for thought.

To book a speech with
Johannes Torpe please write us at info@johannestorpe.com.

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“Johannes was entertaining, informative and inspiring at Superyacht DESIGN Week. The audience were discussing his engaging session for days afterwards!”


— Rachel Rowney, Programme Manager, The Superyacht Group

"Johannes was a delight to work with throughout all stages of the event, when delivering his speech he acquired instant rapport with the audience and kept them highly engaged with his charisma and intelligent case studies."


— Carly Bakewell, Operations Manager, Brand Forum, Connect Events


“Johannes Torpe was a truly valuable addition to our 2015 line-up. His high energy and contagious enthusiasm for the field of experience design sparked an interesting conversation on stage and with the attendees. Torpe is a refreshingly unconventional man that we are happy to invite back to future events.”


— Melissa Chan, Conference Producer, Creative Futures

“Thank you for sharing your inimitable style, sparkling insights, and gracious spirit with our students, who draw inspiration from your keen business acumen. Thanks to you, our students will heed their intuitions, creating magical and story-driven designs that celebrate the human spirit.”


— Paula Wallace, SCAD President and Founder

To book a speech with
Johannes Torpe please write us at info@johannestorpe.com.

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